Anti Snore Device


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Brand: Kuyang

Proven anti-snoring method.
High-quality material.
Easy to fit.
Easy to use.
Easy to clean.
With storage containers and travel bag.
The package includes:
1 x anti-snoring chin strap snoring stopper.
4 pairs of anti-snoring nose dilators.
1 x travel box for nose dilators.

Features & details

No more snoring, beautiful dreams tonight; no more tossing back and forth at night. No more snoring and no dry mouth. The Sleepy snoring stop chin strap is mainly designed to help you stop snoring in a natural, healthy and easy way by holding your chin in and keeping your mouth closed.

Wake up refreshed: scientifically designed to immediately help against snoring. Improve your life and ensure you have a restful sleep again with our anti-snoring chin strap. Stop snoring at night. Increased REM sleep content and improved sleep quality can improve concentration and reduce stress. Wake up refreshed and energized. Help people around you sleep better.

Comfortable and adaptable and easy to use – The snoring stoppers are made from a soft material that does not rub uncomfortably on your facial skin. The size of the snoring stop chin strap is fully adjustable and allows you to adjust the chin strap as desired, so you won’t have any problems finding one that fits your facial structure. It is very easy to attach the chin strap. Simply place it under your chin and bring the strap to a comfortable position.

Four anti-snore nose dilators in various sizes. Thanks to the 4 different sized nose dilators, you will find a pair that fits your nose and will help with your snoring. This anti-snoring solution comes in a case made of high-quality plastic, which protects against dirt and dust. Great for travel:

anti-snoring chin strap, our customers love our stop snoring chin strap nose dilators. We are pleased that we have helped so many people and their partners with breathing, sleeping and snoring and have improved their quality of life.


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