Tristar Deep Fryer





The Tristar FR-6935 deep fryer has a large capacity of 3 litres and the fryer will reach the desired temperature quickly thanks to 2000 Watt power. You can easily clean the fryer because you can disassemble it quickly while all loose components are dishwasher safe.
Spacious and practical
The Tristar deep fryer has a large capacity of 3 litres which makes it perfect for the whole family. The temperature can easily be set up to 190⁰ C by means of a turning dial, while the indicator light shows you if the fryer is turned on. You can easily store the fryer thanks to the collapsable and detachable handle and the cord storage.
Cool zone
The Tristar deep fryer is provided with a cool zone. This means that there is some space underneath the heating element where the oil gets less hot, therefore any crumbs from snacks or fries that drop down will not burn thanks the cool zone. This way, the oil will stay fresh longer and frying is healthier.
Practical in use
The FR-6935 deep fryer ensures safety due to the overheat protection. The fryer can be cleaned within seconds because you can easily disassemble the deep fryer. The loose components can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well. The enamel inner pan is strong and user friendly.
What´s in the box:
Tristar deep fryer, removable inner pan, fryer basket with detachable handle, instruction manual
Reasons to choose the Tristar FR-6935 Deep fryer:

Spacious deep fryer with 3.0 litres capacity which is perfect for the whole family

The deep fryer can easily be cleaned and the loose parts are dishwasher safe

The fryer quickly reaches the right temperature with 2000 Watt power

Simple control panel to set the fryer up to 190⁰ C with a turning dial and indicator light

The cool zone allows you to fry healthier and keep the oil fresher for longer


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